About My Dad

Not only is my new co-author a great storyteller... he's also my DAD!

To me, he's "Dad." To my boys, he's "Papa." To everyone else, he's "Ken Albrecht." (Well, my husband jokingly calls him "Kenn-o" but that's just to make fun of him for not being Italian :)
The Ken & Donna Albrecht Family
Andy and me, brother Dan, sister Marissa, sister Ellie and her husband David
Jack and Ben with Nana, Evan and Matthew with Papa

Dad owns a family business in my hometown for home-heating and water-heating. It's a second-generation business he has continued to expand after purchasing the company from my grandpa in 1978. But even more important than who he is at the office, is who he is at home.

My parents have four kids of which I am the second oldest. In addition to working in the business, my dad is a very involved grandpa. He enjoys taking my two nephews (who live next door to him) for walks most nights and making my boys laugh when he and my mom babysit for us many Saturday nights. He's also the one who manages the pennies on Sunday mornings - the pennies for all four boys to throw in the fountain. Trust me, that's a reeeeeeally big deal.

There's a lot I could say about the man that has played such a huge role in my development from a little girl to a young woman and now a mom. But honestly, I have no idea where to begin. So I'll just let you get to know him through his stories.

Thanks for providing a fatherly perspective, Dad!

Dad playing with my boys - the top one is Ben and the bottom two are Jack